Experiencing a Reiki Session with Kate


The typical Reiki session begins with a conversation, this is extremely important as it allows a few different things to happen.  The first thing is that it allows you to inform me of why you are there, what is going on in your personal life, and what you're hoping to receive during the session.  The second thing is I will be able to get to understand your energy as well as giving me a better insight into your current situation.  Thirdly, this conversation opens the door for you to feel comfortable and ask any questions that you may be concerned about.  It is important for you to be able to trust me, if we can’t break through your wall and you aren’t able to trust me then you will most likely block most to all of the healing energy I am attempting to channel into you.  The more you trust and let go of any emotional blocks, such as fear, the stronger the benefits of the energy are.


The next step you will lie on your back on the Reiki table, if it is distance you will lie on your bed, the floor, or somewhere else you are comfortable (if you're wondering how distance healing works please click on the FAQ's link).  I will start at your head working downward towards your feet, stopping at your knees or your ankles.  There are general hand positions a Reiki practitioner follows, these hand positions attempt to cover all of the seven main Chakras as well as all the major organs.  I may perhaps be working on an area that I know needs special attention or healing an area per your request.  Every hand position will be held for 2 to 5 minutes, maybe longer.  During this time I will simply be allowing the energy to travel out of my hands and into you.  Reiki requires no physical manipulation of your body at all, all healing is done on an energetic level.  I may be able to all the work while you are lying on your back, there may be a time in which I ask you to roll over so your back is facing me.  After all of the hand positions are gone through on both sides of your body I will “ground” you back to the planet. “Grounding” is done by me moving to your feet and channeling the energy into the soles of your feet.  This opens the Chakras on the bottoms of the feet which connect us to the planet.


Due to the nature of Reiki, it is difficult to say what you will experience during a session.  The sessions success will depend on several factors including, but not limited to, myself, you, the level in which you are able to open up to the energies, and the areas we are addressing.  Many people state they feel like they are floating, or they were enveloped by or wrapped in a warm, loving, nurturing light that flowed through their being.  If there is a physical problem, the client will feel that area hotter than others, this occurs because the energy is targeting that area.  Several report that they feel disassociated with their body during the session, it is possible to sleep through your session, if you are a person who is able to let go, this euphoria will more than likely reach you.  If you can let go and reach this relaxed state your Reiki session will be very powerful.  I will finish the treatment at your feet, opening the feet Charkras.  This allows me to help you come fully back into your body.  By finishing at your feet it will help you feel less light-headed or disorientated after the session.  This part is extremely important, not only for safety reasons, such as driving home after our session, but also so that any information that you could have received during the session is brought back to you and “grounded” into the present so you can have conscious access to it.


Your Reiki session will have a variety of different results.  There are several talked about in paragraph 1.  The most immediate results are feeling a drastic reduction in stress, extreme relaxation that can be compared to the sense of relaxation after a massage but more profound and longer lasting.  You experience an overall feeling of being more balanced, calm, and centered.  These are the most common immediate results received in the first session.  The more profound results that Reiki can assist with is the “healing” of a dis-ease, release of habitual thought patterns or old emotional scars.  These more deepened issues are rarely healed through one session, they must be addressed in the same way they were manifested.  It takes time to heal old wounds.