Reiki (Ray-Key) Reiki is a Japanese natural healing method involving the placement of hands on or near the body in order to channel energy.  Reiki can aid in stress reduction and promote relaxation; it allows everyone to tap into an unlimited supply of universal energy to improve health and enhance the quality of life.  Reiki can provide relief from mental, emotional and physical distress.  During your Reiki healing session, I may receive messages from your spirit guides that can aid you on your life's journey. It's completely up to you if you would like to receive these messages or receive Reiki healing only. One of the benefits of Reiki is that it is not bound by proximity, you can receive a full distant Reiki healing session from the comfort of home! As we talk through your goals and journey, you can decide what the best method of healing is for you, and I am more than honored to be part of your spiritual journey and discovery! 


Benefits of Reiki include:

1.)     Reiki works on the cause instead of the effects of disease and illness.

2.)    Reiki speeds up the healing of the physical body from injuries, accidents, operations and can also minimize pain.

3.)     Reiki releases blockages and promotes balance and harmony at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

4.)     Reiki releases anxiety and stress to promote relaxation and peace.  

5.)     Reiki releases fatigue and revitalizes the whole being.

6.)     Reiki results in personal empowerment.

7.)     Reiki complements traditional therapies and modern medicine as well as other therapies.