Reiki for Animals provides relaxation, stress reduction and healing on any animal - anywhere.


Double Touch Healing by Kate brings compassionate, insightful care for you and your pet family for a comprehensive healing and deeper relationship with all the animals in your life.


*Animal Reiki reduces stress - relaxes nervous pets / animals.

*Helps emotional issues - creates a place of peace and safety.

*Great for trauma - PTSD issues- rescues - lost & missing pets.

*Long distance healing - In comfort of your home w/ no visitors intruding on pets.

*Especially good for fearful, scared, hard to transport animals, ferals.

*Natural and safe to use w/ any other treatments, Rx's, remedy's and protocols.

*Reiki for Animals used by many vets and professional offices

*Reiki approved by VA for Veterans.

*Used in Hospices for humans and animals alike!

*Works independently of any religion or spiritual belief system.

*Animals are very accepting of Reiki because animals give Reiki.


Distance energy healing for your pets with Holy Fire Reiki can help stressed, nervous and injured animals anywhere in the world for any type of pet or animal, no matter what they have been through. Animal Reiki heals all types of illnesses, ailments, allergies, pre & post-surgical pet patients heal faster, eases emotional issues, and can help dietary and eating issues. Best of all, Animal Reiki is self-guided and heals so much more. Animals are very accepting as they find Animal Reiki very accessible to themselves as a self-healing tool.


My intuitive scanning utilizes Reiki and can help find undiagnosed or difficult to understand and hard to solve internal & external pet health issues. We can work with your vet to help solve issues as well.


If you would like to schedule in a FREE consultation for an in-person or long distance session please message us here or contact us at

Sessions are $60 per 30 min.

$120 for 60 min.


With Love & Light,