Tresa Wrensch, CA


I just wanted to take a moment and share with anyone who reads this post- working with Kate has opened a doorway to a new reality for me. It was a game changer. I just had my 2nd session with her this past week and cannot even begin to articulate the changes that are happening; it's like waking up from a very long sleep and realizing you've been out for sometime. My intentions were to end the year on a positive note and embrace the New Year with a different perspective on life.  

I must say, my spirit is light and without disclosing too much, I was carrying a ton of useless, emotional weight that needed to be released- old wounds (yes, we all have them and its still very much alive within us) I needed to let go. Apparently I was still holding on to them like a security blanket that was creating a lot of the energy blockages that were running havoc in every area of my life. This would explain why I had been feeling dissonance over my career, my relationship with (certain) family members, and just feeling overall exhausted from life's beat down. 

So, whatever you're mulling over in your mind about your life, the answer is within you and you only- Kate is the conduit and can play a pivotal role to connect with yourself. She is an amazing Empath and Reiki Healer to point you in the right direction. Like me, you'll end up at Kate's doorsteps when you are craving and in search of something more- to get you back to answering the very question about who you are and what you want out of your life.

P.S. As far as the cost of her services, its totally worth. I believe its affordable and the information and healing you walk away is invaluable. ;-) 

Happy Healing!!! 

Love ya Kate!

Joyce Neely, CA


Kate Celentano is a dedicated and proven reiki master. She provides me with much needed relief via long distance reiki sessions... I am grateful for her charm and her wit, but evermore so for the suggestions and pain relief she provides. (Thank you, Kate.) She is also a wonderful teacher and continues to patiently respond to my many questions.

Samantha DeBruhl, FL


I highly recommend the healing work of Kate Celentano. I have received both reiki and tarot readings from her and can honestly express that she is truly gifted. She is wholeheartedly devoted to her clients and the collective healing of humanity.

During her one in one sessions (my favorite), I was able to drop into a meditative space and receive healing energy that surfaced some emotional wounds that were stagnate in my pain body. Even though Kate was facilitating the healing, I felt that we were working together and I felt ease wash my body as these past "wounds" left through the soles of my feet.

During her group healing, I found the energy to still work, but in a gentler way. The reiki continues to work even after the session is complete so I find it important to be receptive throughout the day. 

During reiki, Kate was very generous in sharing with me what she was I intuitively picking up on that needed healing. She was also able to provide compassionate guidance.

Kate is a powerful healer who I am truly grateful for. She is worth every penny and I expect her rates to soar because her gifts far transcend the price of them.

In love

Camila Rodondi, CA


Had an insanely cool experience with Kate! I didn't know what to expect, and as we started I was still smiley and excited but feeling relaxed and energy flowing right away! 

We connected on a lot of things that she picked up on. There was a point where I wasn't connected and she knew it, we stopped, she grounded me, and she got me back to where we were before. THAT was insane, I instantly felt warm and cozy.

This was an amazing experience and I can't wait for her to do my long distance tarot and of course another reiki session!

Brittany Fredereksen, CA


I had my first session with Kate the other day and left feeling nothing less then incredible! She is such a warm, amazing person I am already itching for more sessions with her. I literally haven't felt as full of life as I have since seeing Kate, and am beyond grateful to begin down the new path she has opened for me

Samantha Page, CA


Kate Celentano is one of the most incredible healers living today. She is an exceptionally kind person--easily one of the most loving people I have ever met. Have no doubt that Kate's hands, soul and deeply gifted intuitive and empathic abilities will change your life for the better. My world is an infinitely improved place having been blessed to be touched by Kate's gifts. She is a leader and a revolutionary, standing for beautiful, spiritual wisdom that has a tremendous capacity to heal our planet.

Nicole Hanan, AZ


KATE.... oh man. This woman is INCREDIBLE. I received Reiki healing and can't even explain how amazing she is at it. She opened my world and healed my soul in ways I cannot explain. I feel so much better each and every day because of her. The universe knew exactly what I needed and this woman came into my life for that reason. She is a beautiful soul and incredibly gifted. She gives so much of herself to her clients and you can feel it in everything she does. I can't wait to continue growing and to experience more sessions with her. Hands down, Kate is one of the most amazing healers I have ever come across. If you ever have the opportunity to experience anything with her, go for it! She rocks!

Diana Ray Rose, VA


Kate is a wonderful friend and a channel of pure love and light. Her gifts have helped me in immeasurable ways. I look forward to more long-distance healing in the future and can't wait to see how her business grows!

Rebecca Toner, CA


My time spent with Kate was a positive, healing, and an eye-opening experience.  Upon meeting Kate she was immediately welcoming, personable, and so easy to talk to.  Scheduling with Kate and all her many gifts of healing was stepping outside of the box for me; I was unsure of what to expect.  We touched on a variety of subjects within my session that ultimately increased my confidence, happiness, awareness, and appreciation.  Kate exudes validation, love, and positivity.  She has a genuine passion for her work and is deeply committed to the wellbeing of each of her clients.  With the recount of my single session I already have friends and family eager to schedule with her!  I am looking forward to continuing my growth with her guidance.  Thank you, Kate!

Carolyn Anderson, Canada


I had the honor of receiving a distance reiki session from Kate from my home in Canada. 

I quickly felt a sense of peace and relaxation as the warm tingling energy was felt working throughout my body.  She cleared away negative energy and allowed me to have more clarity and receive intuitive messages that are beneficial to my personal life and business. 

I sense Kate's loving and sensitive nature and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to receive energy work.

Kellie Oley, IN


From my first long distance healing I felt a change. A clearer head, less anxiety and confusion. That's a big deal for me. I've suffered from major anxiety for years and it's never gotten to the point it was before my first healing. I had even forgotten about it and all of a sudden I felt a calm chill go through me and I was like 'Oh yea'! That made me remember.

Jo S., CA. 


I did a long distance healing and was very pleased. I am not one who can usually relax and meditate but I immediately felt calm...still and relaxed. 
I felt a tingling in my feet and hands as I repeated to myself  over and over what I wanted to release from within me. Soon I could see a part of me leave...I felt at peace and then I experienced a warm feeling and I could see a yellowish orange glow. When I opened my eyes about 3o min later...I felt calm and I noticed I was smiling.
Definitely a positive experience!!

Drea Littlelake, CA.


Seriously the biggest & just the first life changing moment i could of ever dreamed of & The best therapy ive ever had. I feel so happy and excited about my new journey thank to the power of reiki & the beautiful wonderful Kate. I recommend literally everyone that i talk to! Xoxo cant wait for my next session(s)