Welcome to our Channeling Sessions!!!  

LIGHT Channeling sessions are very special and life altering on so many levels as miracles happen in these special frequencies of light! Sit in on your sessions and speak/heal/and receive life knowledge and information from the guided wisdom of the light. We connect with your Guides for a journey into the soul tapestry of your life! These sessions are done long distance over Skype or the phone and are recorded for clients, and with each listen back, you’ll continue on healing, receiving and shifting. The LIGHT channel is very generous! What you put into your journey of change, you’ll receive back in many forms of life altering blessings! It’s truly up to YOU!

What to expect in your LIGHT Channeling session

You will first begin your light journey by stepping into the Healing Temple of Light for an energy clearing pre-session. We will be scanning your body, mind, heart, home, spirit for any healing that needs to take place and gift you the tools and blessings that you’ll need for your session journey. This light energy is very relaxing and the tools and wisdom you’ll receive are intended to shift all things for you. These moments touch each soul who steps onto the sands of the Healing Temple of Light. The Sands of Light carry healing shifts for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual light frequencies the minute you step onto them. We use this energy medicine to create a calming energy, and promote the healing and wisdom environment Clients need to come into a place of allowance within themselves. This is intended so each client may receive the full benefit of each session. All anxieties, worries, cares and expectations will leave you while you are experiencing a team Practitioner and Light Ray Healing.

After your energy field is cleared, your session tools are downloaded, and the healing takes place we will begin your LIGHT Channeling session where all your answers will be given, shifts occur and super sonic healing is provided if needed! Keep in mind that not every question gets a direct answer as future events and life paths are weaved into choices we have to make here on Earth. We will help assist you while you work through the maze of your life! We look forward to working with you in the light!

~Kate & Justina

Justina King - Conduit, Practitioner
Kate Celentano - Session lead, Practitioner


1 hour - $200
 1.5 hours - $250
2 hours - $300

Payments plans accepted (full payment must be received before session)

Please contact me for scheduling bookings. or message me here.


1.) Connecting with your Spirit Guides - learn their names, how many you have, their roles, what they do etc..
2.) Physical healing - miracle healing, light healing, advice and mentoring toward perfect health. 
3.) Connecting with deceased people/loved ones. 
4.) All questions answered guidance for life. 
 5.) Universal knowledge - history, future, history etc..
6.) Abundance & Prosperity - how to manifest money & abundance in life. How to create money flow. 
 7.) Past Lives revealed - Soul history, location, jobs, purpose etc… 
8.) Removal of energy attachments - Spirit, entities, low vibration energies, cords, connectors and sources of power.
9.) Karma - Karmic removal on all levels. 
10.) What is your Life Purpose/life chart? Tips on how to find your passions, life purpose, meaning of life, actions to take.
11.) Love Life, soulmates, soul contracts, twin flames, unrequited love. A path forward.
 12.) Clear up emotional, habitual problems, physical problems, unhealthy patterns, phobias, fears, anxieties, stresses. (Finding the changing/transition event that triggered your issues + removal.)
13.) HOME CLEARINGS - History/Information and clearing of the location. 
14.) Pets, animal behavioral problems, illness solved and healed. Dive deep into your animals consciousness, personality, life span, story. You’ll be surprised!
15.) Session for relative's - ask questions for relatives, receive information, healing. (Relative must be open for healing and shifting to take place.) 
16.) Activate your Psychic Abilities, learn how to use them and train, get closer to your intuition, inner wisdom and gifts.
17.) Build confidence, self- esteem, belief, trust, courage, faith. 
 18.) )What are my blocks in life? Understanding on why they occurred + removal of blocks. (Must be open and ready to let blocks to go.) 
19.) Insight into death. What it's like to cross over, insights, feelings, fears, curiosities.
20.) Protection, grounding and cleansing techniques
21.) Are your problems due to energy issues, life chart, karma or past lives? Body scan, healing and clearing work.