Welcome to our Channeling Sessions!!!  

Spirit Guide Channeling sessions are life altering on so many levels!!!   Sit in on your sessions and speak/heal/and get life knowledge and information straight from your Guides. These sessions are done long distance over Skype or the phone and are recorded for clients. We've also lowered our prices a ton and extended time on sessions to make this more affordable, life changing and a fun experience.

What to expect in your Spirit Guide Channeling session.

You will first step into a energy clearing pre-session. We will be scanning your body, mind, spirit for healing that needs to take place. Holy Fire Reiki Healing energy will be flowing into you to soothe you and clear you out before your session. This light energy is very relaxing. We use this energy medicine to create a calming energy, and promote the environment Clients need to completely open up and let go for session.  We will then pull your Guides in for a Light Ray Healing.  All worries, cares and expectations will leave you while you are experiencing a team Practitioner and Spirit Guide Healing.

After your energy field is cleared and the healing takes place we will begin your Spirit Guide Channeling session where all your answers will be given and healing if needed! We look forward working with you!

~Kate & Justina

Justina Marsh - Conduit
Kate Celentano - Session lead

Sessions - $200 - 1 hour
 1.5 hours - $250
2 hours - $300

Payments plans accepted (full payment must be received before session)

We will also have a section to build your own program with Discounted rates for sessions. 1st session 10%, 2nd 15%, 3rd 20% off

Spirit Guide Channeling Session program offerings -

Build your own program - pick and grab the sessions you want making a Lightworking program for yourself! Please contact me for scheduling bookings. www.reikiwithk8.com or message me here.

1.) Spirit Guides Session - learn their names, how many you have, their roles, what they do etc..
2.) Physical healing - miracle healing, light healing, advice and mentoring toward perfect health. 
3.) Connecting with deceased people/loved ones. 
4.) All questions answered guidance for life. 
 5.) Universal knowledge (history, future, history etc..
6.) Abundance - how to manifest money & abundance in life. How to create money flow. 
 7.) Past Lives revealed, history, location, job, purpose etc. 
8.) Do I have an attachment? (Spirit, entity, demon? + removal)
9.) Am I paying back Karma? Karmic contract negotiation to remove Karma. 
10.) What is your Life Purpose/life chart? Tips on how to find your passions, purpose, meaning of life. (Learn about your life chart and what you set out to do.) 
11.) Love Life, soulmates, soul contracts, twin flames, unrequited love. Get personal! 
 12.) Clear up emotional, habitual problems, physical problems. (Finding the changing/transition event that triggered your issues) + removal. 
13.) Are you living in a haunted space? History/Information and clearing of the location. 
14.) Pets, animal behavioral problems, illness solved and healed. Dive deep into your animals psyche, personality, life span, story. 
15.) Session for relative's - ask questions for relatives, receive information, healing. (Relative must be open.) 
16.) Activate your Psychic Abilities, learn how to use them and train, get closer to your intuition.
17.) Build confidence, self- esteem, faith. 
 18.) )What are my blocks in life? Removal of blocks. (Must be ready to let blocks to go.) 
19.) Insight into death. What it's like to cross over. 
20.) Protection and cleansing techniques
21.) Are your problems due to Spiritual attachments, life chart, karma or past life? Body scan, healing and clearing work.