Q.     How much does each session type session cost?

A.    You can find the information on the fees and payments link, the typical session costs $100.00-$300 although I offer several different specials.  To access those specials please enter your email address on the newsletter/email link on this site. 


Q.     How long does a Reiki or Tarot session take from start to finish?

A.    Please plan for at least 90 Minutes - 2 hours per Reiki session, this provides us time to accomplish a full energy session, time to come out of the deep relaxation, we can discuss any experiences you wish to share as well as any information you wish for me to relay to you that I received during our session.   

Tarot timing - short spread takes about an hour and a long spread can go from 1-2.5 hours depending on your reading. 


Q.    Is Reiki a form of massage?

A.    No.  Reiki is a form of hands on energy healing without any manual manipulation.


Q.     Will I have to remove my clothes for Reiki session?

A.     No.  You will only be asked to remove your shoes just inside the door of my business, if you wear glasses, I will ask you to remove them before we proceed as well as a coat or jacket if you wore one.  If possible try to wear comfortable clothing.


Q.     I am uncomfortable about having someone lay their hands on me.  Do you have to put your hands on me while doing Reiki?  

A.    No.  I don't have to touch you in any way while I am doing Reiki.  While Reiki is generally done hands-on, I will do it with my hands hovering over the top of your body if requested.  Your preference will be asked at your first visit.


Q.    I know you prefer we not talk while you're doing Reiki, but if I'm feeling uncomfortable with your hand placement or anything else, can I say something?

A.     Absolutely!  If you feel uncomfortable with anything, please say something.  My intent is to help you heal, if you're feeling uncomfortable than your experience will not be relaxed, pleasant or soothing.


Q.    If I am receiving a distance healing, how long will I need to be idle?

A.    Reiki at a distance is more powerful and usually quicker than an in person session so expect to be idle for half an hour to an hour.

Q.    Why must I lay Idle?  What does idle mean?

A.    The reason you are asked to be idle is so you are the most receptive to the energy, though the Reiki energy will absorbed by your body even if you are busy.  Idle is still, relaxed, and open to receiving the healing energy.


Q.     Can I purchase a gift certificate for your services?

A.    Yes. Gift certificates are available under fees and payments.


Q.    If I purchased distance-healing time, how do I let you know whom it is for?  

A.    When you pay by PayPal, you can tell me in the message box as you complete the transaction. This information is sent to us with your payment notice. You can also use the appointment email form to let us know.